4 Frame Nucs

4 Frame nuc boxes available. Our unique design allows you to add another box on top to make it a 2 story nuc. You can place 2 nuc boxes side by side to be able to use standard 10 frame equipment giving you a 2 queen colony. Great for combining smaller clusters. To purchase go to http://www.shop.honeybeeware.com/Hive-Componets_c214.htm or call our store 920-779-3019

Dead Outs

Dead-Out – WHAT SHOULD I DO? Posted on February 10, 2015 What to do if you find that you have no flying bees and/or your colony did not survive winter. Stay in beekeeping! We urge you not to give up. Experienced beekeepers have losses, too. Re-use that comb. Start again! With our changing weather and up-and-down temperature extremes, Mother Nature is not kind to the bees nor to us humans. Examine the combs. Deduce that your colony did not die to disease (American Foul Brood, Continue reading →

Bee Venom Shows Anticancer & Antiviral Effects

Honeybee venom possesses anticancer and antiviral effects by differential inhibition of HPV E6 and E7 expression on cervical cancer cell line Oncol Rep. 2015 Jan 28 Bee venom (BV) therapy is a type of alternative medical treatment used to treat various diseases in oriental medicine. The mechanisms underlying the effects of BV remain poorly understood. In the present study, we evaluated the antiviral effect of BV on cervical carcinoma cell lines (CaSki, HeLa, C33A and TC-1). BV treatments resulted in a more significant suppression of Continue reading →

Poision Flowers

      GARDENERS BEWARE: Many of the plants you buy at Home Depot and Lowe’s may be treated with bee-killing neonictinoids. Because there’s no clear labeling, many good-intentioned gardeners end up poisoning the very bees they are trying to help! http://ow.ly/xakJk(*Home Depot has indicated it is working on safer alternatives, but Lowe’s has not yet responded). That’s just one of the many things you’ll learn from our fascinating photo essay featuring beekeepers and experts! Check it out >> http://ow.ly/xakJk The more you learn, the Continue reading →