4th Annual Customer Appreciation Picnic

We had a good turnout despite the weather. Thank you for to all who braved the inclement weather to attend our annual Customer Appreciation Picnic. We do value our customers!


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Bee Venom Shows Anticancer & Antiviral Effects

Honeybee venom possesses anticancer and antiviral effects by differential inhibition of HPV E6 and E7 expression on cervical cancer cell lineBee venom (BV) therapy is a type of alternative medical treatment used to treat various diseases in oriental medicine. The...

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Poison Flowers

GARDENERS BEWARE: Many of the plants you buy at Home Depot and Lowe’s may be treated with bee-killing neonicotinoids. Because there’s no clear labeling, many good-intentioned gardeners end up poisoning the very bees they are trying to help! http://ow.ly/xakJk(*Home...

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Dead Outs

Dead-Out – WHAT SHOULD I DO? What to do if you find that you have no flying bees and/or your colony did not survive winter. Stay in beekeeping! We urge you not to give up. Experienced beekeepers have losses, too. Dead-out Colony Re-use that comb. Start...

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4 Frame nuc boxes available.

4 Frame nuc boxes available. Our unique design allows you to add another box on top to make it a 2 story nuc. You can place 2 nuc boxes side by side to be able to use standard 10 frame equipment giving you a 2 queen colony. Great for combining smaller clusters. To...

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