Time to Manage Varroa.

Dear beekeepers, It is that time of year again…yes that’s right…Varroa time. Lots of bees brooding up in the spring and summer made nice homes for Varroa to reproduce in.  Now, the days are getting shorter and the queen is laying fewer eggs.  The brood cells available for Varroa to reproduce in are fewer and Varroa populations are at their height.  This means that there will be more mites reproducing in fewer brood cells…..the brood cells of your winter bees. This is very dangerous, because Continue reading →

Beekeeping Class: Managing Varroa and Wintering Colonies

We are excited for our final beekeeping field day of the season on September 6th, 2014 at 1 pm. Are your bees set up to go into winter?  Do they have enough honey?  Are the Varroa levels sufficiently low?  Are there enough bees?  Come and learn what we do! The summer is quickly winding down and September is the last chance you have to get mite treatments on, feed bees and think about insulating your colonies. Spots are filling fast, register here

AgriView Ag News article on Honey Bee Ware

Honey Bee Ware encouraging beginning beekeepers Wayne Gerdts has returned to the hive. A Nebraska native and third-generation beekeeper who grew up on a commercial apiary and launched his own career as a migratory beekeeper, Gerdts took several career detours. His heart was never far from beekeeping, though. And now in retirement, he is busy as a bee (pun very much intended) having opened a bee supply store in Outagamie County and an accompanying online bee equipment business, www.honeybeeware.comm. Wisconsin agriculture should be buzzing with Continue reading →