Package Bees and Nucs for Spring 2016

We are still taking orders for bees for this Spring. The packages we sell come from California.  We sell two or three pound package bees with either an Italian or Carnolian queen.  Estimated pickup dates are Mid April and Late April. Nuc are usually here the first weekend in May. Bees can be ordered at The Italian bee Italian honey bees, of the subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica, were brought to the U.S. in 1859. They quickly became the favored bee stock in this country Continue reading →

Australia Remains Varroa Free!

Here is a nice article by the Age- a prominent Australian paper that I was interviewed for and some of my photos were published!  For now, Australia remains Varroa Free. Check it out!   Bee careful out there – a parasitic marauder is nearly at our shores Date September 1, 2014 Peter Spinks Fairfax Science Columnist Honeybees lead something of a charmed life, as they flit about collecting nectar and pollen and producing oodles of honey and wax. But now, it seems, their carefree days Continue reading →

Time to Manage Varroa.

Dear beekeepers, It is that time of year again…yes that’s right…Varroa time. Lots of bees brooding up in the spring and summer made nice homes for Varroa to reproduce in.  Now, the days are getting shorter and the queen is laying fewer eggs.  The brood cells available for Varroa to reproduce in are fewer and Varroa populations are at their height.  This means that there will be more mites reproducing in fewer brood cells…..the brood cells of your winter bees. This is very dangerous, because Continue reading →