4 Frame Nucs

4 Frame nuc boxes available. Our unique design allows you to add another box on top to make it a 2 story nuc. You can place 2 nuc boxes side by side to be able to use standard 10 frame equipment giving you a 2 queen colony. Great for combining smaller clusters. To purchase go to http://www.shop.honeybeeware.com/Hive-Componets_c214.htm or call our store 920-779-3019

Thinking of Spring

For those of you that bought packages from us last spring, this scene should look familiar. We submitted this fabulous photo in the Victorian Apiarist’s Association Photo competition and WON the category of Historical Beekeeping! Yes, last spring is indeed history, but it isn’t too late to prepare for this spring! Enjoy thoughts of fruit blossoms and dandelion fields. They will be here before you know it!

Beekeeping Class: Managing Varroa and Wintering Colonies

We are excited for our final beekeeping field day of the season on September 6th, 2014 at 1 pm. Are your bees set up to go into winter?  Do they have enough honey?  Are the Varroa levels sufficiently low?  Are there enough bees?  Come and learn what we do! The summer is quickly winding down and September is the last chance you have to get mite treatments on, feed bees and think about insulating your colonies. Spots are filling fast, register here