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Honey Bee Ware encouraging beginning beekeepers

AgriNews Wayne Gerdts has returned to the hive. A Nebraska native and third-generation beekeeper who grew up on a commercial apiary and launched his own career as a migratory beekeeper, Gerdts took several career detours.

His heart was never far from beekeeping, though. And now in retirement, he is busy as a bee (pun very much intended) having opened a bee supply store in Outagamie County and an accompanying online bee equipment business, www.honeybeeware.comm.

Wisconsin agriculture should be buzzing with excitement that dedicated apiarists like Gerdts are out there promoting honey bees, which are, of course, unsung heroes of production, going about their business pollinating crops.

Honey Bee Ware, LLC, at Greenville, just east of Appleton, has anything and everything to do with bees. But its greatest resource is Gerdts himself, a friendly beekeeper with a vast knowledge of this agricultural specialty, who is intent on helping beginning beekeepers succeed.

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